Brakes & Clutch Repair in Cranbourne

If the brake pedal, steering wheel or the entire vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when the brakes are applied or there is excessive squeal, screech, grinding, groaning or banging, it means that your brakes need attention.

We will inspect your brakes for Free and give advice on what is required!

we offer:

  • Brake pad and Disc rotor replacement
  • Brake servicing, replacement, restorations, modifications, performance upgrades
  • Sourcing unique brake parts
  • Flexible hosing, Steel brake lines, Braided Hoses are made to order
  • Re-conditioning of booster, master cylinders and wheel cylinders
  • Machining of Disc rotors, Brake drums and flywheels
  • Rotor upgrades including RDA, DBA, Cross drilled and slotted rotors
  • Caliper servicing, overhaul or direct replacement
  • Wheel cylinder replacement and Hydraulic Servicing
  • Brake Fluid Flushes

Clutch Servicing, Kit Fitting & Repairs

Dual Mass Flywheel Clutch Assembly

Dual-Mass Flywheels are fitted in many light commercial vehicles covering very high mileages requiring regular clutch replacement.

Dual mass flywheels

Concentric slave cylinders

Self-adjusting cover assembly


New clutches fitted to most makes of cars using the recommended clutch kits

Clutch Master Cylinder

Pumping the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch is a classic symptom of loss of hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic clutch system and may be indicative of a leak or ruptured seal in the clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder

Clutch Slave Cylinder

The clutch fittings that link the clutch slave cylinder to the master cylinder can leak but it’s also worth checking the piston seals on the clutch slave cylinder